@xcrswx (with Crystabel Riley)                    

          أحمد[AHMED] (with Pat Thomas, Joel Grip and Antonin Gerbal)                    

          GUO (with Daniel Blumberg)                    

          XT (with Paul Abbott)                    

                 Kavain Wayne Space [aka RPBoo]/XT Trio                    

                 Anne Gillis/XT Trio                    

                 Pat Thomas/XT Trio                    

          The X-Ray Hex Tet                    

          The Creaking Breeze Ensemble with Nathaniel Mackey                    

          lll人 (with Daichi Yoshikawa and Paul Abbott)                    


RELEASES/SOUNDS                                                  PHOTO                                    INTERVIEW                                    WRITING

    on bandcamp


(alto saxophone solos 2003-2023)

    Is This Right?

(alto saxophone solos 2014-2017)


(alto saxophone solos 2008-2014)

    Seymour Wright of Derby

(alto saxophone solos 2005-2008)


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     2024 أحمد[Ahmed], 'Giant Beauty', 5-CD, boxset fönstret


     2024 أحمد[Ahmed], 'Wood Blues', 2-LP, Astral Spirits


     2024 Kavain Wayne Space/XT Trio, 'YESYESPEAKERSYES', LP, Feedback Moves


     2024 lll人, 'VICTOR', 2-CD, Infant Tree .


     2023 @xcrswx/Lolina, 'FIXES/FM', 10" split, Feedback Moves.


     2023 Anne Gillis/XT Trio, 'Our/s Bouture(s)', CD, Art Into Life .


     2023 Seymour Wright, 'RITES (alto saxophone solos 2003-2023), 4-CD boxset, self-released.


     2023 Nate Wooley, 'Four Experiments', 4-CD boxset, Pleasure of Text - 'Experiment Four Solo'.


     2022 أحمد[Ahmed], 'AHAD/WAHID', 7", CBP.


     2022 Pat Thomas/XT Trio and Will Holder, '“Akisakila” / Attitudes of Preparation (Mountains, Oceans, Trees)', 2-LP, Edition Gamut.


     2022 Steve Noble/Seymour Wright, 'EVF', CD, Ping Pong.


     2022 XT, 'Deorlaf Obrux', download, TUSK


     2021 أحمد[Ahmed], 'Nights On Saturn (Communication)', LP, Astral Spirits


     2021 Nathaniel Mackey and the Creaking Breeze Ensemble , 'Fugitive Equation', 2-CD, FonoGraf Editions/CB


     2021 XT, 'Deorlaf X', LP, OTORoku


     2020 @xcrswx, 'Call Time/Hard Out', 7", Feedback Moves


     2020 Steve Noble/John Chantler/Seymour Wright, 'Atlantis', LP/CD, 1703 Skivbolaget


     2019 أحمد[Ahmed], 'Super Majnoon (East Meets West)', 2-LP, Otoroku


     2019 GUO, 'GUO4', LP, Mute


     2019 XT, 'Palina’tufa', 2-LP, Empty Editions


     2019 RPBoo/XT Trio, ‘XT and RPBOO 31/12/18’, DL, Otoroku


     2018 Andy Guthrie/Seymour Wright, 'Chelsea Bridge', CD, Winds Measure


     2018 Container/XT Trio, ‘Container & XT 9.8.18’, DL, Otoroku


     2017 أحمد[Ahmed], 'New Jazz Imagination', LP, Umlaut


     2017 GUO, 'GUO1', CD, self-released


     2017 John Chantler/Steve Noble/Seymour Wright, 'Front and Above', CD, 1703 Skivbolaget


     2016 XT, 'Pah'', CD, Pleasure of the Text


     2016 Evan Parker/Seymour Wright, 'Tie The Stone To The Wheel', CD, Fataka


     2015 Seymour Wright, 'Seymour Writes Back (alto saxophone solos 2008-2014', 4-CD, self-released


     2015 lll人, 'Vjerhanxsk', 2-CD, self-released


     2014 lll人, 'Gjērhan', LP, Otoroku


     2013 Nate Wooley/Seymour Wright, 'About Trumpet and Saxophone', CD, Fataka


     2012 Eddie Prévost, Sebastian Lexer/Seymour Wright, 'Impossibility In Its Purest Form', CD, Matchless (DL, here)


     2010 Keith Rowe/Martin Küchen/Seymour Wright, 'Küchen_Rowe_Wright', CD, Another Timbre


     2009 SUM (Eddie Prévost/Ross Lambert/Seymour Wright), 'Invenio Ergo', 2-CD, Matchless (DL, here)


     2008 Seymour Wright, 'Seymour Wright of Derby', CD, self-released


     2008 Eddie Prévost/Seymour Wright, 'GAMUT', CD, Matchless (DL, here)


     2008 Sebastian Lexer/Seymour Wright, 'Blasen', CD, Another Timbre


     2008 Keith Rowe/Seymour Wright, '3D', 3-CDr, W.M.O./r.


     2004 Broken Hands/Lucky Rabbit, 'Lucky Hands', CD, Twothousandand.


     2003 9!, 'NONE(-T)', CD, Matchless (DL, here)


     2003 Lucky Rabbit (Ross Lambert/Seymour Wright), 'Lucky Rabbit', CD, Twothousandand.


     2002 Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura/Seymour Wright, 'Meeting at Off Site Vol. 1', CD, reset/IMJ (listen here)


     2001 John Lely/Yann Charaoui/Seymour Wright, '396', CD, Matchless (DL, here)


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2013. The Group Learning of an Original Creative Practice: 1960s Emergent-AMM.

        Unpublished PhD Thesis. Milton Keynes: Open University.

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Seymour Wright

Seymour Wright photographed by Crystabel Riley, 2022

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